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The Holistic Approach to Environment (Holist. approach environ.) is a scientific journal which will present the results of research contributing to diminish the usage of non-renewable energy sources and encourage the usage renewable energy sources in technological processes, to detection and removal of dangers to human health, to create a socially fairer society and generally to make the world a better place to live. Our goal is to promote the development of our individual and social consciousness and responsibility for the future of our planet.
The holistic approach to environment deals with exploring possibilities and developing the models of amicable co-existence of all beings on Earth. Having amicable co-existence on Earth as its aim, the journal will publish articles which take the perspective of certain sciences, e.g. chemistry, ethics, energetics, economy, medicine, and finding the solutions to the hot-button environmental issues of today. It should point out that the holistic approach to environment does not only question how to achieve the goal, but also WHY is it necessary and does it contribute to amicable co-existence of all beings.
The submitted paper should be written and prepared in accordance with the following instructions:
- The paper must be unpublished.
- The paper will be printed in Latin letters, in English (=111) language.
- The paper should be prepared using the proper standard language.
- The paper should be computer written.
- The text format should be MS Word's Times New Roman, size 12.
- The paper should be written in the 3rd person, using double line spacing, according to the legal standards and INDOK-regulations.

- Recommendable size of paper is between 8 - 12 word pages, number of figures maximum 8, number of tables maximum 8, exception is possible but must be reasonable explain.
- Authors are obliged to write metrologically correctly, using appropriate terminology. The application of SI-units is obligatory. For all applied physical characteristics and factors it is necessary to enclose their list containing names and coherent SI-units.
- Diagrams must be prepared using appropriate program package e.g. Corel Draw. The symbols of physical values should be written in capital and small italics and numerical values in normal letters. The title and abstract (max. 150 words) and key words (3-6 words) should be separately enclosed. For all manuscripts of non-Croatian authors the editorial board will provide translation of title, abstract and key words in Croatian.
- Pictures prefered to be in standard formats without big white gaps between edge of draws and complete final work.
- References should be numerated according to the sequence of appearance in the paper and the number of each reference inserted into the text in appropriate position using square brackets. References are cited in the language in which they have been published. It should be cited according to the following recommendations:
Book - authors first name initials and the last name, book title, publisher, place and year of  publication;
Article in journal - authors first name initials and the last name, journal title, volume, year of publication, journal number (if exist), pages from - to; 
Article in proceedings of symposium - authors first name initials and the last name, title of proceedings, editors first nane initials and the last name, (ed.), publisher, place and year of  publication, pages from – to;
Patent - authors first name initials and the last name, name of patent, state and patent number, date of registration in parenthesis.

- The editorial board accepts other methods of citation as well, under the condition they are used consistently within a particular text.
- The submitted paper will be categorized as original scientific paper, preliminary communication, review, professional paper or contribution. If author do not agree with categorization he/she can call off article.
- The submitted papers not prepared according to the Instruction for authors will not be considered.

- All papers will be reviewed at least by two reviewers. There is blind peer review.
Articles should be sent on e-mail address: